Important Note When Buying The Bluetooth Headphones For Running

Important Note When Buying The Bluetooth Headphones For Running

If this is the first time you are looking for the Bluetooth Headphones for running then here are a few things you will want to know before you decide to buy a pair. In general, Bluetooth technology is great; however, the same as other technology innovations, it is not perfect. Bluetooth uses wireless connectivity, and like any other wireless connection, they may have connectivity problems. So do not be discouraged as most of the headphones will not be perfect. There will be times when your connection will be weak or simply disconnected completely. This is perfectly normal, but you always want to own the best Bluetooth headphones for running which are excellent in terms of both duration and connectivity.

Here are the special notes you need to pay great attention to when choosing a Bluetooth running headphones:

Make A Small Comparison:

In order to avoid feeling sorry after buying the wrong pair of headphones, you should consult the information provided by the producers, and try different products from different brands. Do not rush to select the headphones immediately just through advertising. Instead, you ought to outline 5 to 6 names which suit your purpose and preference, then look for reviews about them, after that you might want to focus on 2-3 choices suggested by experts and other users.

However, it is important to note that although we tend to choose the latest headphones with the thought that “newer is better”, it is not advisable to simply do so, because new products often do not have many reviews and comparisons. Thus, consider very carefully to pick the Bluetooth headphones by comparison and analyzing.

Bluetooth Headphones connect to your phone

Battery Life:

The smaller the device, the less battery space, which means the battery life, will be shorter. Therefore, you can choose less fashionable earphones, but longer battery life. The Bluetooth headphones are not for listening to music only; they are the cure for anyone who doesn’t want to stop running just to answer a call. You can still running, having a phone call and then switch to music thanks to control remote. You should look for the Bluetooth headphones that have a long operating time. I advise you to find a pair of Bluetooth headphones with a minimum listening time is 6 hours and operating time for those who are less talkative or don’t use for listening to music is a week (7 days) without having to charge.

And also, short charging time of battery is a must for Bluetooth headphones. Usually the Bluetooth headphones with charging time will be around 2-4 hours.


After long hour running, you tend to be covered by sweat. If you are running outside, you are likely to catch on a rain anytime. However, not every pair of Bluetooth headphones on the market right now is waterproof. If you sweat a lot then it will likely damage your headphone (especially the Bluetooth headphones) permanently. Try to find a pair of waterproof Bluetooth headphones which have a warranty when exposed to sweat or water to ensure the durability of your device.

Waterproof Headphones

Comfort When Using Headphones:

Before deciding to buy the Bluetooth headphones, you should try each sample for at least 10 minutes.

Headphones that cover the ears with big cushion and heavy cord on the head often cause discomfort to the user. So, you should try to wear the headphones to see if you feel uncomfortable or not. For running purpose, the best Bluetooth headphones for running should be small in size, short-wired or wireless is better, lightweight but at the same time totally secure during the fast moves.

Opened-back Or Closed-back:

Choosing the opened-back or closed-back design depends on your purpose.

Closed-back headphones are capable of limiting external noise. However, each different type of headphones has the different ability to limit noise. They may be the smart choice for users who do not want others to hear what they are hearing. Especially, if you are running on a treadmill in the gym, you may want to isolate from the background music and noise.

As for open-back headphones, users can hear sounds from the outside and the next person can also hear the song played. This type of headphones is suitable for running in the park or crowded street because you surely want to observe the surrounding environment to avoid unintended accidents.

Open-back vs Closed-back Headphones

Sound Quality:

Sound quality not only affects your music experience but also the call quality. Nowadays, many manufactures have introduced noise-cancelling technology. The innovations help ensure call quality by avoid unnecessary noise from surrounding environment.

Most of Bluetooth headphones on the market right now already have mono audio but only for one ear. However, in order to feeling the music at high level, many people tend to look for the Bluetooth headphones with both mono and stereo sound.

Many would think that Bluetooth headphones often have worse sound quality than wired-headphones. However, recent technologies have improved the sound quality a lot through wireless signals, such as the latest Bluetooth technology, aptX, which is typically equipped on Android devices; with advanced audio codecs they can bring the “high-end” feeling to enjoy music while you are pushing yourself to the limit.

The sport Bluetooth headphones or any other headphones will accompany you for years, so the comfort is the most important factor. The preference and habit of each person is different, but in summary there are three factors you need to keep an eye out for when choosing the workout Bluetooth headphones:

  • Fit to use: Not easy to slip out of ear with earbuds, No discomfort when using for the long time with in-ear headphones or over-ear headphones.
  • Sound quality: Provide the best call quality as well as music experience.
  • Design that meets the needs: Compact (easy to store in your bag), light (for long-term use) and durability.