Clean Your Turntable Like An Expert

Clean Your Turntable Like An Expert

You are a music lover and have just bought a turntable to satisfy your music demand, and it looks quite dirty? It’s normal since the operation of music turntable produces a large amount of static electricity which attracts dust layers. That’s the reason why you should clean it regularly to make sure it can operate properly.

Some of my friends have turntables in their house, but they don’t notice about dust and other things that can happen to the device and let them like that for quite a long time. And when they see the dust, it was too late and the damage has already been taken to the surface and the operation of the turntable. Therefore, you have to take a look and do the cleaning regularly.

Turntable stylus

However, finding an article that helps you in cleaning and maintaining the quality of turntable is quite difficult, that’s the reason why I think this article might be helpful for you. So get ready to clean your best vinyl record player with these simple steps.


It is essential to have a list of cleaning tools and equipment before cleaning your turntable since you don’t want to interrupt it just because you don’t have enough tools. Below are some important ones I think you should buy to make sure you can do the maintenance clean and fast. If you are in need of any of these, just make a list and go to the nearest local supermarket, it will always there for you to pick up.

  • Cleaning brush with high quality and especially used for stylus
  • Alcohol for rubbing and cleaning
  • Paintbrush with soft feather
  • Lint – free cloth
  • Dusting cloth

Where to Begin?

After getting all the cleaning tools you need, it’s time to figure out what to do first and what should be done carefully later. It would not be as difficult as you imagine, but don’t be too careless since you might accidentally damage something. So the first thing must be the needle – one of the most important components of the turntable.

Clean the turntable

  • How To Clean The Stylus?

Firstly, the stylus must be cleaned up with a brush which is specially made for this part since there is no other cleaning tool can provide enough precision this process needed. If you can’t clean it properly, it might leave some unwanted damages and you can see how hard it is to find another stylus for your device.

To clean the stylus, you have to do it from back to front using the stylus brush. This way will make sure you won’t mess things up and trust me, it is the only way. If you do things reversely, the needle would be bent and can’t recover to its original position.

If you think the stylus can’t be cleaned enough with just the brush, you can use a little amount of rubbing alcohol so as to make the cleaning more effective. Do it with cause since you don’t want any additional damages.

To reduce the amount of dust you must get rid of, I suggest you do this every time after the device is played so you can practice more to get acquainted with this work. It doesn’t take too much time from you.

  • How To Clean The Surface?

The surface of the turntable is quite simple to clean up if you know the way. To get rid of the impact of static electricity produced by the operation of the turntable, make use of the anti – static cloth. Do it gently so as not to leave any scratches on the surface after the maintenance. If you think it is not enough, then apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol to make your cleaning stronger.

Turntable fixing and cleaning

What you have to deal with when cleaning the surface are fingerprints and other types of dirt. The rubbing alcohol can solve most of these problems, but you should use it with care since you don’t want to leave any watery traces on your device. You should carefully clean the surface from the center and move outwards. Make sure you don’t miss any spots.

Finally, use lint – free cloth to remove the dust and dirt on the surface for the last time. It is not difficult at all, but taking the time to do it with care and gently is better. If you have time and really care about the quality of your turntable, you can do the cleaning more often, maybe once or twice a week.

Cautions And Notes

Never use your device carelessly and never let someone does that to yours. Treat it with care all the time. One of the most common mistakes when using this type of device is that they often use fingers and nails to swipe the surface of the stylus. It might cause severe damage and can bend it easily.

With children, they often try to blow the stylus since it is quite funny to look at it hanging like that. However, that’s the reason why you should place it out of their reach.

When the turntable is not used in both short – term or long – term, you should cover it to minimize the amount of dust on the surface of the device. Buying a cover for a turntable is not that hard since it is produced in large quantity and can be bought almost anywhere.


Selecting a turntable is quite difficult, but keeping its maintenance and making it look nice and clean all the time would be so difficult, especially with amateurs. However, it is essential if you want to follow this hobby longer and don’t want to waste time buying others. In fact, you have to know how to protect your vinyl records as well since they can provide the best music quality, but not in poor condition. Please take a short visit to our website to know some basic things about maintenance and cleaning for turntables and vinyl records.