The Way You Use The Most Efficient Player

The Way You Use The Most Efficient Player

Music is the spirit of effective dose for humans. A lot of people who love music and they have a separate music as you like. Some people want to use the player because of the convenience, safety, and ability to perform music in the best way. However, you want to use the player in a sustainable way; then you will need to consider the process of preservation and how to use them.

The Most Efficient Player

Using Appropriate Environment

The player is an electronic device. You should not be stored in the environment the player is too wet or too dry and hot. Cool space, and limit direct sunlight of the sun is an ideal place for you to put a player when you’re not used to in a long time.

You should avoid forgetting your music device in his pocket, pocket, then bring them in the washing machine. If the player is dropped into the water, you disconnect the power source immediately and try to get it dried. This will help the player to take it before the warranty, or used again.

the environment

You also avoid letting the player falls hard ground. This will make the player broken, or damaged parts inside. You should avoid placing heavy objects on top of the machine directly. If you drop a player to the ground, the screen will be broken, and you should take away warranty.

Charging The Battery In a Reasonable Manner

One / Most of the player, watch movies all use rechargeable batteries. Therefore, you must not let the battery completely depleted. If the battery is depleted, it cannot be charged back again, and you’ll need a new battery.

Two / You should avoid charging too much time. Many cases are charging for items you plug the player overnight, working through the day can lead to overheating batteries. If the batteries were overheating, they will be damaged and cause the fire hazard.

Three / If you charge the battery via the USB port, you should note that the battery needs charging mode, because computers can identify devices as portable storage drives and computers will not carry out charging via USB. If you travel, you should bring the first electric switch from AC to USB. If you do not have a computer, you can still turn electrical appliances plugged into an electrical outlet in the hotel room to conduct the battery charger.

the batteries

Four / You should note that travel in a picnic, you will hardly find the places where the power supply connector. The best way to recover energy for your music player is the first to use the car charger, the battery of, and from solar energy.

The device allows you to convert power from a battery of 12V to 220V AC power source is capable of providing power for a lot of mobile devices such as music players, laptops, cameras digital…

You can also use the solar charger. Solar charger size and light weight are useful solutions. The top surface of the charger is the solar panels. This effectively panels absorb energy better and higher than usual 15%. Charging time of each player will be the different movie but all worth on average about 60 minutes.

Using The Battery In a Reasonable Manner

One / Do not forget to use the power saving features of the player. This feature enables the machine to power off if you forget to use after an extended period. This is also the way to the machine without energy depletion. However, the ability to power off also causes some discomfort to the user when you’re enjoying good songs.

The ability to protect sources of energy will be useful for hobbyists music before bed. You go to the function settings (Settings) in the machine, looking for the “Timer” and then adjust it to a larger value so that you can enjoy your favorite songs.

Two / Memory cards in the player’s part are worth attention. You should not frequent unplugging and plug the card into the machine. You need to check the documentation provided with the device to know the maximum capacity of the card. From which, you can select the type of card that the machine-readable.

hobbyists music

Updating Firmware

The last item of the article is the control software updates. Device control software (firmware) is the most important component in the music player, movie. If this part is defective or damaged, the machine will stop working. Also, the new control software created will fix errors like lack of brightness, small speakers, or soon run out of the battery of the previous version.

However, the updated version of the software for the player is very meticulous and very easy to damage the machine. In case you update driver software error, or interrupted the process of updating your device, it will no longer be able to use it anymore. If the software update is not necessary, you should not proceed to update device firmware. If the machine cannot overcome the errors of the old firmware, you can bring the computer to a service center technician for help. If you want to update the software automatically and to upgrade at home, you must have a lot of experience. The process of updating software versions, it requires you to be careful when handling.