The Story of Music Devices and Sick of Hearing

The Story of Music Devices and Sick of Hearing

Science and technology are growing, and they are showing the impact on human life. The spiritual life of man is increasingly high. Currently, if you own a portable music player, you’re carrying a theater. You can hear more of their favorite songs. However, the modern music devices can provide conveniently, but it also leads to many hazards for the user. Some diseases of the ear by using music devices available for many young people. Most of them were reduced hearing ability of the ear.

The story of music devices

These Results Are Surprising, Exciting and Unusual

The results of the Institute National Acoustics Sydney show the number of users of personal music players is always listening to music at full volume danger. A study by RNID – Deaf Institute Royal has shown that 39% of youth aged 18 to 24 who use personal music players daily. Most young people are using music devices for 1 hour, and 42% of individuals admitted always listen at high volume.

Zogby International Organization performed experiments for the Association Speech – Language – Hearing of the US over 300 students from high schools and more than 1,000 adults. Results showed that 40% of them always to the volume at a high level. In particular, the students tended to be greater than two times in the music at loud volume. 50% of students do not want to limit the time to listen, one-third of them say they do not like to decrease the amount. The study also showed more than 50% of students and 40% of adults have at least one type of hearing loss. The signs were found of which are: hard to hear in the discussion, wants to increase the volume of the TV or radio in the car and always listen to a strange voice in his head.

using music devices

The problem of hearing loss is no clear indication in the first period (from 1 to 2 years). But when the disease has appeared, it will not be recoverable. Ears will be permanently damaged.

Currently, there are about 30 million people experiencing problems with the hearing loss in the American country. One-third of them have hearing loss. Causes of hearing loss when using the music device are the habit of using it incorrectly. They tend to listen to music at the highest volume levels in a long time. People who listen to music with portable music players did not want any outside noises to affect their music. They are influenced by the habit of listening to young people. Dr. Rochester Minn – who runs Save the hearing program at the Mayo Clinic – said: “In the past, such as Walkman music devices encourage you to limit the increase in volume at the highest level. Because if you do, it will be terrible sound. So the player does not do so. Today, if you listen to music at full volume, the sound quality is still excellent. The advanced music player is also one of the causes of the problem is very worrying. ”

The Mechanism of Hearing Loss

External audio and damaging effect to the cells of the ear. A division of functional ear sound waves transmission to the brain. The cells have the ability to recover from temporary damage. But the noise is too large, and in a long time, they will make these cells permanently damaged. Of course, it also makes your hearing and can not be reduced under restoration.

The noise is too large

Experts at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota says the 90-decibel sound on continuous impact for a long time is the disease cause of hearing. The portable playback device is manufactured with a larger volume of 120 decibels.

Prevention Strategies

  • Do not listen to music in a long time with the amount greater than 90 decibels. Recommends the listener to the volume at 80 decibels or less.
  • Use a headset: wide brim, covering her ears, superior noise capabilities. You should not use the type earbuds ear canal.
  • If you frequently listen to music in noisy places, then you should try to create a period of quiet relaxation. You need to rest after a period of time, or you use ear pads to minimize sound.
  • Please reduce the volume as much as possible, away from the noise and try to protect your ears.

How to Identify The Volume Is Exceeded Allowable

If you do not have the equipment to measure the volume of the music device, you need a few simple tips. You just follow the instructions on some simple ways to help you control your music volume as appropriate.

  • The volume level of the player is greater than 60% volume
  • You can not hear the sound of people chatting around when you’re listening to music.
  • People nearby can hear the music you’re listening to.
  • You find yourself shouting instead of talking in the ordinary conversation with someone.

listen to music

In summary, the article has given you some knowledge on how to use equipment appropriately music. A few suggestions that will help you better protect your precious ears when using the mobile music devices. You complete peace of mind to enjoy music throughout their lives.