iPod Classic- A Legendary Product and A Revolution in Personal Music Device

iPod Classic- A Legendary Product and A Revolution in Personal Music Device

iPod Classic has officially existed for death after nearly 13 years on the market. Page Apple’s online sales are no longer offered iPod classic. Although the iPod classic was dead has been widely anticipated since long. But music devotees still feel regret. iPod remains one of the memorials that believers love music.

typical products

You must still remember to this music player. You certainly have the desire to own it like any other young when the first iPod was born. Today, the smartphone market has developed and appeared many online music services such as Soundcloud, Apple Music, Spotify launched. These things will make you gradually forgotten the existence of the iPod.

iPod Classic Is One of The Legendary Electronic Products

A classic form first iPod launched on 23/10/2001, it is priced quite high around 399. iPod Classic allows users to comfortably enjoy your favorite tunes stored in memory 5GB (large storage capacity at that time).

The improved version of the iPod classic, they are cheaper and have greater storage capacity. The revolution of the iPod music has led to millions of cassette players, portable CD and MP3 players have been forgotten.

Although the iPod Classic has officially stopped production, Apple still provides another player in the iPod line as the iPod touch, iPod shuffle, and iPod nano. However, the smartphone has replaced entirely for multimedia devices such as camcorders, cameras, recorders … Therefore, almost no one needs to buy an MP3 player.

Dream of music fanatics

iPod classic has become the typical products of the world fascinated by music storage capacity up to 160GB. These users often listen to music formats “lossless” format storage or high-quality audio will need a device with a large storage capacity. Many music enthusiasts are not satisfied with the iPod touch because of its maximum capacity is only 64GB. And very few people are willing to spend 400 USD (8.3 million, two-year contract attached to the network) to own the iPhone 6 128GB of storage.


A Revolutionary Personal Music Device

When the iPod was first launched, the “iTunes Music Store” did not exist yet. “Itunes Music Store” appeared in 2003. The user must copy the files to MP3, AAC from CD into the computer, and then they switch to the MP3 player with a USB cable. Some time later, the world entered a stage to buy songs and albums digitally. Currently, people download music tracks via the cloud.

Around the years 2004- 2005, the product range was extended with three iPod products iPod mini, iPod nano, and iPod shuffle models. iPod is equipped with the ability to play videos and photos. At this point, Sony has given the market share for Apple. In 2007 marked the launch of the first iPhone and iPod touch. Now the lines of Apple’s mobile devices are the touch screen, except iPod shuffle.

These Timeless Values of The iPod Classic

  1. The simplicity of operation:

Smartphone screen sizes are getting bigger to provide the visual experience better for users. Their large size makes the user manipulate with one hand is almost impossible. When you use an iPod, we can still fully playable with one hand. You absolutely can do everything with just your thumb.

fully playable with one hand

If anyone has used over iPod Classic line and some other models, they will remember the feeling rotating wheel “Click Wheel” to select tracks. That was incredible. This will be very hard to find on today’s smartphones; you can just surf on the screen.

  1. The maximum efficiency of the management and data replication:

The iPhone is a great smartphone with dozens of useful features. However, when you plug your phone into your computer via iTunes, you need to synchronize content between two devices. This is extremely troublesome. Your goal is just to copy the music, but you have to go through too many unnecessary steps.

iPod is designed merely as a music device. When you connect and transfer data, you will only get the tracks. All is incredibly straightforward and easy to understand.

  1. Collection of interesting and unique music:

The online music service today have quite a lot of convenience advantages. It lets you do not need to use more memory for storage. And it also allows you to hear more new songs and favorite genres quickly.

have a great feeling

However, music files stored on your computer and store data in the cloud is completely different. You will have a great feeling if you are storing your favorite music to own ourselves. If the old days when you listen to music with friends, the disc will share the collections of their discs. In the era of digital music, we share each other each music folder. But now, people are listening to music online; we have nothing to share anymore. We are enjoying the music in the most emotional way.

  1. Music is becoming closer and perfect:

We do not refer to your iPod or iPhone, or using any product is best. But when you listen to music with the iPod, you will enjoy the music according to the fullest. If you hold an iPhone and then turn the music up, you’ll hear a lot of distraction. The message will make enjoying your music interrupted.

Life technology is slowly making us distracted and not focused on anything at all. Therefore, an iPod Classic gives you a feeling to enjoy music the effective way you want. You completely forget the outside world and the virtual world on social networks. You let your emotions to speak.